Why Should You Consider Buying Two Kittens Together

There are distinct advantages when buying two kittens together.

While you’re not likely to get a buy-one-take-one offer, and while you’d have to provide for the food and basic necessities of two felines, the advantages of getting two kittens outweigh the disadvantages. For one, if you’ve been smitten by two cute and adorable kittens with two different colors and personalities, you can spare yourself the trouble of having to choose, and get them both.

The other benefit of buying two kittens from the same owner, or sibling pets, is that it lessens separation anxiety or the trauma for the furry creatures from being taken away from their momma. Getting two kittens right from the start can ensure happy times and a more enriching environment for the felines. They can entertain each other and even help self-train each other, and help groom each other.  Sibling kittens that have been in contact with each other early on spell less trouble, Even if you bring them home and they find themselves in an unrecognizable place, they’d feel less terrified because they have each other.

Apart from the main benefit of having a playmate, getting two kittens at the same time can spell less mischief arising from boredom. Kittens, like most other young pets, may turn to your sofa and other pricey furniture, area rugs, or drapes to relieve boredom. If there are two kittens, they’ll most likely wear each other out and the curiosity is turned to each other – what the other kitty is eating or doing.

Two kittens may vie for their new owner’s attention, but that’s not such a bad thing at all. You may give your two feline pals healthy treats to reinforce good behavior. It may also be fun to feed two kittens at the same time. Having matching feeding tools, grooming brushes, and accessories for your kittens can also be fun.  Two kittens may fight over a toy and consume more food, but as home companions, they can present a united front against unwanted intruders in your home.

Two kittens will also offer double delight and twice as much gratification and unconditional love. They may run around the house all day and require a bit more funds in terms of veterinary care and grooming, but two kittens can be quite endearing. The devoted caregiver of two kittens (apart from other pets in the household) may become very exhausted keeping up with the energy of the four-legged creatures, but a little planning can solve such a situation. When the pet owner’s out all day, two kittens can keep each other company.

Kittens, as every cat lover knows, tend to stalk and pounce on toys. An exercise session with, not one, but two kittens can be fun. In most cases, all that the owner of two kittens needs to do is give healthy meals and ensure that the felines are out of harm’s way – by keeping items like small objects, plastic bags, and toxic items away from them. Overall, there are lots of advantages in purchasing two kittens.