Where Should Kitten Sleep

Picking out a spot for your new kitten to sleep in is one of the basic necessities you have to take into consideration before you even think of bringing one home with you.

If you can take the time to think up a good place for your new kitten to sleep, then you can eliminate a lot of problems you would encounter otherwise.

People are actually divided on the issue of giving their cats their own beds; some are adamant that they do not want their cats to sleep anywhere they please, especially on the couch and on the beds of the humans, and then there are those cat owners who just allow their cats to behave naturally, as in letting them sleep wherever they feel like it.

There are no right or wrong choices in this matter, but you do have to take your family’s condition into consideration; if you do not like having to vacuum cat hair off your couch or bed, then you should get separate beddings for your cat.

Bring a blanket with his mother’s scent
When you first bring your kitten home, you can be sure his human family will shower him with enough love and attention; but when night comes and everybody goes to bed, he might feel scared and lonely and you will hear high-pitched meows all night. To prevent this from happening, you should bring along a blanket that has your kitten’s mother’s scent on it and place it inside his sleeping basket; the scent of his mother will keep your kitten calm and feeling secure during the night and will make sure everyone in the house gets a full night’s sleep.

Do not coddle your kitten
If you think that it will be alright for you to bring your kitten into bed with you when it feels scared, then you might want to think again because doing so will actually teach your kitten that it is alright for him to snuggle up to you when you sleep; and breaking this habit once it’s settled will prove very difficult. If your kitten cannot calm himself during the night, then you might want to spend a couple of nights camped out beside his bed until he gets a little more used to his new environment.

Get to a compromise
Sometimes, even the noblest of efforts to make a kitten sleep in his own bed will prove futile, because, unlike dogs, cats are a bit more opinionated and they will usually do what they please. If you cannot train your kitten to sleep in his own little space, then you should find a compromise that would benefit the both of you, like allowing him to sleep anywhere besides the bedrooms and the kitchen.

Even though it can be pretty tough to teach a kitten to sleep in his bed (in fact it can be difficult to train a cat, period) it is only one of the little drawbacks you have to live within return for many years of happiness with your new feline family member.