Tips for Bringing Kitten on Vacation

Some pet owners hesitate when planning trips for the family, as they look down at their new kittens and wonder if they could really leave the newest addition to their family in a shelter for two weeks. Nobody is available to look after it, and of course, they couldn’t leave it home alone. So what’s a family to do? If you ask me, I say take the kitten along with you! It may even enhance the vacation – having your little furball experience new things and places along with you. This is much easier than it sounds, though a few problems may arise now and then. Read this article to know exactly what to do when bringing a kitten on vacation.

First of all, you must be sure that your kitten has a safe and comfy carrier. Whether you are traveling by car, ship, or plane, a carrier is essential. Don’t argue back that you’re going to hold your kitten in your lap where it’s safe and sound. There may be instances when you HAVE to set your kitten down for a few minutes, whether it’s to go to the bathroom or to sign some forms. It’s a good idea to bring a carrier along just in case. This will provide your kitten with a safe place to sleep and eat in peace. Remember as well to bring along its pillows and blankets. The familiar scent will help calm the kitten down especially when it’s scared of car rides or traveling.

The second thing to remember is to bring more than enough food for your little pet. This doesn’t just mean for the trip, but for the duration of the actual vacation as well. You may not be able to head to a nearby pet store, especially in cases where you have no idea where the pet store is. Also, even if you do find a pet store, they might not have the type of food your kitten is used to. So it is always a good idea to bring along enough food and water to keep your kitten properly nourished and healthy.

Another necessity, one which some pet owners tend to forget, is to bring along the kitten’s litter box. You could also purchase a travel-sized version for convenience. Remember to bring along plenty of clean litter as well.

Toys are also a good idea to bring along during holidays. Hand them to your kitten in between rest stops or during rainy days when you can’t leave your hotel room.

In nutshell, when bringing a kitten on vacation, aside from your kitten’s carrier, bed, food, water, litter box, litter, and toys, it is also a good idea to try to make the trip as comfortable as possible for your kitten. It may be scary at first on the ride to the airport or on the barge. Talk to your pet in hushed tones and cuddle it whenever possible to let it know that though the environment is new and foreign to it, it is safe in your hands. This will make the overall holiday a lot easier for both you and your pet.