Read this before Bringing a Kitten Home

It is always exciting when bringing a kitten home for the first time. Before getting your little furball home, however, it’s a good idea to make your home kitten-proof, in order to save both you and your kitten from any possible harm.

One thing you may have noticed, if you’ve had kittens before, is that they like to explore. Since you can’t keep your eyes on your kitten every hour of every day, it is a good idea to check that your door and window screens fit tightly and that there’s a snug grate protecting your fireplace. Check your home for possible dangerous places that your kitten can get into, such as broken cabinets or holes in the wall. Locking your cabinets and closets can help as well, to avoid the chance that your kitten could potentially swallow bleach, cleaning detergent, or any other dangerous products. Hide any items that swing freely, in order to prevent your kitten from getting tangled up. It is also a good idea to move plugs and sockets away from places where your kitten could reach. Remove earrings, rubber bands, balloons, dental floss, and any small items away from the kitten’s reach as well, to prevent the chance of choking.

It is a good idea to buy all the necessities you need to provide your kitten with a safe and happy home. Purchase a scratching post, in order for the kitten to naturally trim its claws and save your furniture from any possible damage. It is also important to buy a litter box, in order to start the training process as early as possible.  Prepare a quiet, secluded space or corner to put this litter box into. Buy your kitten a good bed, and situate it in a warm, cozy place, away from the noisy household and traffic.

Other items you should have ready for your kitten are feeding bowls, a water bowl, clean litter, collars, toys, food, treats, and training aids.

Aside from kitten-proofing your home and buying all the essential necessities, it is also a good idea to prepare your kitten for emotional change. For the first few nights, place your kitten’s bed and litter box in a quiet space to avoid loud noises and conversations from startling it. By then, other family members may want to play and cuddle the new kitten. It is a good idea, however, to limit handling during the first few days while your kitten adjusts to its new environment.

Getting your home ready when bringing a  kitten will make the move better for both you and your new pet. Soon, your little kitten will become accustomed to its new home and both of you can start making new memories together.