Neuter Your Kitty Sooner Rather Than Later

Neutering Your Kitten

Neutering your kitten is a way of making sure that it does not go off producing off-springs as often as possible.

Cat owners, in particular, know just how easily cats can populate, and a lot of times, letting this happen too often can cause more problems than harmlessness. While some people still believe that neutering should not be done because it is unnatural, many will agree that the procedure is necessary to keep their pets from over-populating.

After all, if you will not be able to take care of the litter that your cat will be able to produce, then shouldn’t it be better to keep your cat from producing them in the first place?

To all those who think that neutering may be harmful and dangerous for their cats, think again. Neutering has been done for years now, and the procedure is no longer as harmful or as risky as some people may think.

In fact, most pets are able to recover from the procedure after just a day of resting. This small sacrifice will make sure that your cat does not go off producing more kittens than he or you can support, and it will also help keep your mind at ease because you do not have to worry about having a litter of kittens every time your cat goes outside to mingle with the other cats.

Another question that cat owners face is when exactly to neuter their pets. Many owners will wait until their cats are considered able to reproduce before they go to the vet to have their cats neutered. While this is okay, it will still give your cat a chance to reproduce. If this is what you want, then there should e no problems. But if you have no plans of letting your cat have off-springs, then it is actually best to have your cat neutered as early as possible.

Cats are actually best neutered when they are still kittens.

This is because like a human person, younger cats tend to recover more easily than their older counterparts. In most cases, a kitten will be able to recover from the procedure in just a couple of hours as opposed to an adult cat who can take a full day or more just for recovery. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your kitten will be too weak or too sensitive for the procedure because, in reality, they will actually be able to handle it better.

Some cat owners also think that tabby cats or female felines are the only ones that should get neutered. After all, they are the ones who are able to give birth. However, because you are not sure if the other cat is neutered or not, it is still best to have your cat neutered, no matter what gender, just to be sure.

Neutering your tomcats also has the benefit of losing that strong smell that their urine has. A neutered tom cat’s urine will smell less unpleasant than an un-neutered one’s, so this will make it easier for you and your guests as well. On top of this, your cat now has the freedom to roam anytime they want without having to worry about possible “accidents” along the way.