Long Hair, Short Hair, No Hair Kittens!

So you have decided to get a kitten! Purrrrfect! Have you decided what type of kitten you are going to add to your family? That may seem like a strange question to ask, after all, a kitten is just a kitten….right? Well, hold on one little second! There are MANY different types of kittens in the world and they all need proper kitten care (some more than others!). One of the first questions you should ask yourself before you jump in with both paws is…what type of hair do I want my kitten to have? Here’s a little saying that may help you answer this important question….the longer the hair, the GREATER the care!

No doubt about it, long-haired cats are beautiful. However, they don’t look beautiful by accident! Their owners spend a lot of time caring for their kitten’s hair. Most long-haired breeds, such as the Persian and Norwegian Forest Cat, need daily brushings. If neglected, their hair can easily become matted and tangled…not so pretty.  A cat with a mat (sorry, I couldn’t resist rhyming) is not a good thing. Mats that are not brushed out can easily cause the skin underneath to become irritated and raw…which could possibly lead to infection.

If an infection does occur, the cat will need to get shaved, groomed, and medically treated…which means money out of your wallet. So, if you don’t have the time and patience to deal with the needs of a long-haired feline you may want to consider a short-haired breed instead. Oh, and one other thing about long-haired cats, most of them shed two times per year. So for those of you that don’t care much for vacuuming….definitely get a short-haired kitten!

Kittens with shorter hair obviously need less care….no daily brushings are necessary and you won’t have to worry about mats! Short-haired kittens do not need bathing. In fact, they will clean themselves….kind of like a self-cleaning oven. The only reason you would ever need to bathe your short-haired kitten is if he got into something toxic that he should not lick off himself due to health concerns.  Though short-haired kittens are easier to care for, I must warn you, they DO shed! If you are looking for a kitten of the non-shedding variety…then you may want to consider a bald cat. Keep reading for more information about hair-challenged kittens!

Bald cats such as the Sphynx and Devon Rex are…um…let’s say, interesting! They often fall into the “so ugly they are cute” category. Bald cats are relatively easy to care for, however, they do have some special needs. As you might expect, being bald often means being cold! You will need to invest in several sweaters for your hairless wonder in order to keep him healthy and comfortable. Bald kittens tend to have greasy skin that can stain certain types of fabric. To prevent this, you will need to bathe your baldy every three days or so.  If you are planning on taking your bald cat outside, you will need to apply plenty of sunscreens. Just like humans, bald cats burn too!

So there you have it. No matter if you choose a kitten with long hair, short hair, or no hair, you will need to provide proper kitten care, attention, and of course, plenty of love