Leaving a Kitten Home Alone

New pet owners often feel anxious and nervous about leaving a kitten home alone when they have to go to work or run to the store. This is a perfectly normal emotion, akin to when parents have to leave their babies with a sitter for the first time. If you can’t leave your kitten in the hands of a relative or friend however or don’t have the time to make these arrangements every morning, then don’t worry. Cats, and even kittens, are known for being animals that do well when left alone.

When you have to leave your kitten alone for a whole day, then it is essential that you prepare all the things it will need during that time. The most important thing to remember is to leave enough food to last the whole day, with an equally large bowl for water or formula. An automatic feeder can be used as well, which is a device that deposits kitten food in small portions during regular intervals.

A way to make your kitten’s stay more comfortable is by providing it with one or two of its favorite toys to keep it entertained. Change the toys around every three days to avoid the kitten from becoming bored. It is also important to keep your kitten’s bed and litter box in a place that is easily accessible.

It is very important to ensure your kitten’s safety especially at times when you aren’t there to look after it all the time. Close the doors to the rooms it isn’t allowed to enter and shut all windows tightly. Close all cabinets as well, to prevent your kitten from wandering into open cupboards or dressers and possibly eating mothballs, stray buttons, detergents, and other harmful items.  Another tip is to tie up window curtains and other hanging items to prevent your kitten from becoming tangled up or possibly choking. Put electrical wires and devices out of your pet’s reach as well. Essentially, hide or remove any items that could cause harm to your kitten.

When you leave your kitten alone for the whole day, chances are it won’t get as much exercise as it needs. To overcome this, play with your kitten before or after coming home, or even both if you have time. This will ensure that your kitten remains healthy and fit.

It is always scary to leave behind your tiny kitten for the first time, especially when your kitten has attachment issues and mews as soon as you close the door. This has to be done, however, for you need to work or go to school, and you can’t always bring your little furball with you. Just remember to always provide your kitten with enough food, water, a clean litter box, and a warm bed. Keep all hanging, poisonous and small objects out of their reach and close all cabinet doors, windows, and unsafe rooms. All of these tips will help leave your kitten home alone easier and better. Always remember as well to cuddle and shower your kitten with love and affection as soon as you get home. This will show it that being left alone isn’t so bad and that you always come back no matter how long you’ve been gone.