Kitten Litter Box

Kitten Litter Box

Training your kitten to use a litter box can be very frustrating both for the pet owner and the pet, but it is a very essential part of taking care of a cat.

For one thing, cats naturally tend to do their dirty business in the outdoors. They like clean and open spaces that are relatively unused, and they are also very careful to cover their wastes so that they avoid leaving soils or leaving their unofficial toilets unclean. However, it cannot be avoided that cats and kittens have to use a litter box inside the home. Otherwise, they might leave a lot of mess that could make you almost regret having a cat for a pet.

Training your kitten to use a litter box should be done very early on. The moment you first take your new kitten home, you should already have a litter box clean and ready for its disposal. By doing so, you will be able to condition your pet on how he or she should use it instead of just any available space in your home. While this may seem to be a very simple thing to do, many cat owners will realize that training their pets to use a litter box can be one of the hardest parts of taking care of a cat.

This is not to say that cats are difficult to train, but rather, it is simply because of the fact that using a litter box is against their natural instincts. Again, a cat would much rather take care of his business in the outdoors, but if it is left no other choice due to certain reasons, then it is best to have them potty trained.

In order to make your cat feel comfortable about using a litter box, you should give him no reason to avoid using it anytime he pleases. Always make sure that the litter box is clean and of the right type for your cat. Most litter boxes are the open type, but some cats actually prefer a litter box that is covered as they like to do their business with a little privacy. The size of the litter box is also an important detail. Your cat should be able to turn around in the litter box, and it should be deep enough so that sand will not scatter when your cat tries to dig.

It is also important to place your cat’s litter box somewhere ideal. By this, it means that the litter box should be away from your cat’s feeding area, it should be accessible and private, it should not be near any noisy machines or equipment, and of course, it should be in a clean area of the house. Do not place the litter box where there is a lot of foot traffic as your cat will not feel comfortable using it.

Most importantly, train your cat to use a litter box by keeping it clean for his use. A cat will be put off by any unwanted scents in the litter box. Make sure to scoop out your pet’s dirt as soon as possible, and replace the contents of the box as often as necessary. At least once a week, you should also do a thorough cleaning of the litter box. That is, you should empty it out, clean it with soap or detergent, and have it ready for your cat’s use. Do keep in mind that there are cleaning agents that may be harmful to your cat, so make sure that the litter box is free of any hazards that can potentially harm your pet.