Kitten Peeing on the Floor and Everywhere

There are many behavioral problems that new pet owners learn to deal with as their kitten grows up. Right up there with scratching up the furniture, overly-aggressive playing and excessive meowing is inappropriate elimination – or in short, your kitten peeing on the floor and everywhere. If your kitten seems to enjoy peeing everywhere but in its litter box, then there are several things that may be the problem.

The first, and most critical, thing to do is to bring your kitten to the vet for a check-up to make sure everything is alright with its urinary system. One common reason for kittens urinating on your furniture and clothes may be the feline lower urinary tract disease. When kittens have FLUTD, peeing becomes painful. The kitten may associate pain with the litter box, for this is the place we bring it to whenever we see it squatting or peeing. Once your kitten thinks peeing hurts because of the litter box, it will try to urinate in other places. Spotting this problem earlier is always important, for once FLUTD goes ignored, it will not only cause your kitten pain and discomfort but may potentially lead to death as well.

If your kitten has FLUTD, then follow the vet’s directions and prescribed medications and your kitten may soon be using the litter box like a pro. If FLUTD isn’t the cause, however, then there are still several reasons that may be causing your kitten to ignore its bathroom.

One big factor is the kind of litter you use. Some litter types may be too rough for your kitten’s delicate paws, causing it discomfort whenever it steps into the litter box. Scented litter may also be the culprit, for kittens have sensitive noses and they may not agree to the smell of the litter you pick out. A great solution to this is to buy fine-grained, unscented litter and see how your kitten reacts.

Problems may also occur if you have moved the litter box from its previous location. Say for example you litter box trained your kitten with the litter box set in the laundry room. When you suddenly move the litter box into your bedroom, then your kitten may become confused and defecate elsewhere as a result. It is a good idea not to change the litter box’s location once you begin the litter box training process. If you must, then do this very gradually, in order not to shock your kitten’s normal routine.

At times, your kitten may not be peeing at all but simply urine spraying. This is the kitten’s way of marking its territory. This is a typical cat behavior, but sometimes it goes overboard and your kitten sprays more often than normal. There are several sprays and pills that can be used to lessen this urine spraying response. At times, neutering or spraying your kitten may be an option as well.

Kittens are usually neat by nature, so when it starts peeing in places other than the litter box even after training, something must be wrong. Remember to never scold or hit your kitten when it has these accidents, for this will only scare your pet and teach it to pee in more secret locations. Always be patient and loving, and observe what may be causing your kitten peeing on the floor.