Introducing a New Kitten to Your Existing Cat

If you already have a cat at home and you want to bring home a new kitten, you must properly introduce your new kitten to your existing cat.

Kittens and cats in the same household can become the best of friends, the worst of enemies, or even both. Cats are territorial creatures so if a new kitten suddenly invades your cat’s personal space, he might get upset and attack your new kitty.

Kittens are curious and may even intentionally invade another cat’s space in order to test the older cat’s attention. Here, you will learn how to introduce a new kitten to your existing cat at home so that they will co-exist peacefully and become best friends.

Leave the Two Cats Together in the Same Room
One of the first things that you can do to introduce a new kitten to your existing cat is to leave the two of them together in the same room. To keep your new kitten safe, place him inside a cat carrier while you let your other cat roam around the room. Let your existing cat get accustomed to the new kitten’s presence and smell. Make sure that you monitor both cats because your cat might get aggressive and attack your new kitten through the bars of the cat carrier.

Talk to Your Cat
If your cat has known you for a long time, he may be able to understand you if you talk to him. If your cat seems uncomfortable or anxious about the new kitten, cuddle him and talk to him gently. Tell him that the kitten is a new friend and playmate. Try to reassure your cat that the new kitten won’t be a problem in the household.

Let Your Cat Smell the Kitten
After your cat stops showing signs of anxiety (e.g. pacing, growling, hissing), take your kitten out of his cat carrier and let your cat interact with it. Hold your kitten and let your cat smell him. Your cat will also smell your scent on your new kitten. Your scent will make him realize that the kitten is a friend and part of the household.

Be Patient
Your existing cat and new kitten won’t become friends overnight, especially if your cat is stubborn and aggressive to other animals. You must be patient and try not to leave your new kitten alone with your older cat at night. Place your kitten inside a cat carrier each night until he grows old enough to defend himself. Two kittens can be left alone together, but you must never let a kitten sleep alone with an adult cat.

It will take some time for kittens and cats to accept each other and become friends. If you see them fighting, but each of them in separate rooms until they start yearning for each other’s company. Introduce your kitten to your older cat slowly and don’t force them to be together. Let them weigh up and observe each other. After being together for a while, they will stop fighting and treat each other as friends