Take Care of a Kitten

Taking care of a kitten is much like taking care of a human tot.

Apart from giving healthy chow, there are basic pointers on how to take care of a kitten.

Caring for a kitten is a bit different from attending to a full-grown cat. The latter, oftentimes, needs to be coaxed to eat and play; more so if health issues have developed.

A kitten, on the other hand, will play with just about anything and may try chewing anything it casts its sight on. The playfulness of the kitten may sometimes get dangerous. Unsupervised kittens are trouble-bound.  As a pet owner, you need to keep a close watch on what your kitty is chewing.

Daily grooming ensures quality time set aside exclusively for your cat which may otherwise be forgotten if you have a busy schedule.

Extremely old cats may pay little attention to their hygiene, but they will appreciate it if you help keep them clean, comfortable, and sweet-smelling. If you have two companionable cats, they may help to groom each other.

The absolute best care you can give your kitty is good food.

Try to get your kitty’s chow from an all-natural pet product store. Research on ingredients that will be digested well by your feline home companion. Read the main ingredients indicated in the cat food product label.

Some cats tend to be finicky eaters and take ages to finish a meal. So choose the right food well. There is pet food for various life stages that can offer your feline pal more energy, while keeping teeth clean and healthy, too. Organic pet food without preservatives is ideal.

Animal lovers thinking of bringing home a new kitty can update their knowledge on how to take care of a kitten.

Besides proper nourishment, the owner must ensure that there’s enough fresh and clean water every day for the kitten. A good place to sleep is also essential. Shake out your kitty’s bedding frequently and ensure that there are no parasites.

Keep in mind that just like dogs, cats need to be groomed occasionally, too.

Though cats are known to do a lot of their grooming, there are a few things that can be done to groom a kitty. Mats can form on even the most well-groomed cats, so try to work out a mat with the use of a grooming comb.

Kittens with long, flowing coats should be combed and have their faces cleaned every other day.

It may seem like an unnecessary thing, but you can also clean your cat’s eyes. Eye matter can pose a problem, particularly in big-eyed and short-nosed cat breeds. Use a soft cloth or cotton ball that you can dip in lukewarm water to clean your kitty’s eyes. When wiping, be gentle and don’t rub the eyeball directly. Generally, a feline may be well-equipped to handle its own health care needs, but a little attention can go a long way.

Also part of taking care of a pet is to ensure adequate exercise.

Even the laziest kittens/cats can be roused into a few minutes of play, which is vital to health. Playing can provide a good outlet for negative energy and aggression. You may want to invest in a kitty condo or climbing tree to help boost your kitty’s energy.