How to Pick a Name for Your Kitten

One of the first things that you need to do when you adopt a new kitten into your home is to pick a name for your new pet.

Picking a name for a kitten is like picking a name for a baby. Everyone has their own way of naming kittens. Some people might pick from a list of cute names, while others might use famous names such as celebrity names and names of cartoon characters. So how do you pick a name for your new kitten? This short guide will teach you how to pick a good name for your new pet.

Consider Your Kitten’s Physical Appearance
A lot of people name their pets based on their physical appearance. It may seem cute or funny to call your new ginger-colored kitten ‘Sooty’, but you will wish you picked a different name once your kitten grows bigger and older. Take a good look at your kitten when trying to think of a name. A name associated with the color of his fur should pop up in your mind. For instance, if your kitten’s fur is ginger-colored, then ‘Ginger’ might be a good name for your kitten. If your kitten is chubby, then you can call him ‘Chubbs’ or ‘Tubby’.

Consider Your Kitten’s Personality
You can also name your kitten based on his personality. Watch your kitten for a couple of days before you pick a name for him. If he is feisty and always up to mischief, you can call him ‘Feisty’ or ‘Rascal’. If he is shy and always hides from strangers, you can call him ‘Hide or ‘Timmy’ (timid). There are plenty of names for kittens that are not only cute but also describe their personality.

Consider the Names of Your Other Pets
If you have other kittens or cats at home, you can name your new kitten based on the names of your other pets. For instance, if you have a black cat named ‘Blacky’ and your new kitten is white, then you can name him ‘Whitey’ or ‘Snowy’. You can also name your new kitten based on the names of his parents. For instance, if the kitten’s father is named ‘Chubbs’, then name your new kitten ‘Chubbs, Jr.’ or ‘Chubbs II’.

Choose a Name that You Are Comfortable With
You should pick a name that you are comfortable with and won’t be embarrassed to say out loud. You should be comfortable yelling out your kitten’s name when you are calling him outside your home. Don’t name your kitten ‘Smelly’ or ‘Pipsqueak’ unless you want to be laughed at by your neighbors when you are calling your kitten. Write down a list of names that you can live with and then pick out the best name on the list. If you can’t pick a name from the list, then pick randomly by closing your eyes and touching a name on the list (like playing pin the tail on the donkey). The name that you touched will be the name of your new kitten.