Before you take home a new kitten, you must first make sure to kitten proof your home to make it safe for your new pet.

One of the rules of thumb is to think of your kitten as a human toddler who is smaller, curious, and moves around a lot. You will need to remove all of the potential kitten hazards in your home because your kitten is still too young and not old enough to realize that some of the things in your house are dangerous.

Kitten proofing is a bit different than toddler proofing because you won’t need to worry about other things such as drawer locks and power sockets. There are also some things in your house that are not dangerous to toddlers but may harm kittens. Here, you will learn about some of the things that you can do to kitten-proof your home.

Tie Up Loose Wires and Cables
Things that are trailing or hanging look like toys to your kitten. Therefore, you must tie up all of the loose wires and cables in your home so that your kitten won’t play with them. You can also use cable tacks to attach the cables and wires to walls or along the baseboards, countertops, and furniture legs so that they won’t attract your kitten’s attention. If you leave loose cables and wires hanging around, your kitten might play with them and accidentally pull the item that it is attached to.

The item might fall and injure your kitten or crash to the floor and break. Trailing/creeping plants such as ivy will also need to be trimmed because they are toxic to kittens. Hanging fixings on lamps and window treatments must also be tied up because your kitten might play with them if it sees them hanging loose.

Store and Put Away Small Objects
Just like human toddlers, you will need to keep small objects away from your kitten because they might play with them and accidentally swallow and choke on them. Kittens are attracted to things that sparkle, so keep small jewelry such as rings inside a jewelry box. Other small objects such as thumbtacks, rubber bands, paper clips, and sewing threads also look like toys to your kitten so put them inside a container after using them.

Keep Containers and Bottles Inside Cabinets
Containers and bottles that contain food/drinks should be kept inside your kitchen cabinets because your kitten might open them up while you’re not looking. Cleaning solutions and bug sprays are toxic to kittens, so keep their containers out of your kitten’s reach. You should also keep your kitten out of rooms that you recently sprayed with bug spray or cleaned with a cleaning solution.

Check Your Appliances Before Turning Them On
Kittens like hiding and/or sleeping inside warm objects such as appliances. Before you turn on an appliance such as the microwave oven, dryer, washer, make sure that your kitten is not hiding inside them. A quick check before turning on an appliance will ensure that a tragic accident will not occur.