Does My Kitten Need a Pet Carrier

One of the more important supplies that you will need to get for your kitten is a pet carrier.

These carriers are necessary to bring kittens to the vet and even to pick them up from the shelter or pet shop. It is not safe to carry a kitten around in your arms, particularly if you are first picking them up since he will likely fidget and try to get away, which may result in his getting hurt. If you are in a car, the kitten may distract the driver. If you are taking the cat with you on a trip, you will need to transport him to a carrier.

Here are the major considerations you will have to keep in mind when buying carriers for kittens.

1. Size. The carrier should be large enough for the cat to be able to stand up in, and turn around and stretch. This is a particular consideration if you are planning to take your pet on long trips. In addition, the carrier should be able to accommodate food and water dishes that attach to its side so that they won’t take up room inside and crowd your cat. As a rule of thumb, the guideline should be no larger than twice his size. And since your cat is still a kitten, make provision for his growth.

2. Quality. Since you’ll be using the carrier throughout your cat’s life, which can be around ten to fifteen years, you might want to invest in a durable carrier that will last for that whole time and can even be used with your new pet. There are several types of carriers available, ranging from budget cardboard carriers, which are essentially disposable and are generally provided by pet shops and shelters to transport the new kitten home to hard carriers that are made of polypropylene and plastic that can stand up to wear and tear. The hard carriers are the most expensive but they are easy to clean and will last for years. Budget carriers are also available, which have a soft nylon body with a hard plastic floor, which can be removed for cleaning, and resemble gym bags, with the sides made of nylon mesh to provide ventilation. These soft carriers also have a zippered top which makes it easier to take your cat in and out of the bag.

3. Number of cats. Although you can use a single carrier if you have two kittens, you should consider getting each of the cats their own carrier in order to ensure their comfort as well as to avoid them getting into fights.
One important thing to consider if you plan to use the carrier often is to get your cat used to it. Leave the carrier open on the floor, and leave a treat inside, as well as a blanket with your scent and some cat toys. Once your kitten becomes accustomed to the carrier, it will not be as much of a struggle to get him in there when you need to take him somewhere.