About Me

My name is Patricia and I have a deep knowledge of kitten care.

My expertise comes from decades of living with and caring for kittens of all breeds, shapes, and sizes.

I have lived with many different kinds of kittens and have learned to understand the ways in which most kittens behave and how to deal with their behavior patterns.

Kitten care requires patience – a kitten will not learn to love you right away.

It is important to read the research I have gathered on this website carefully and thoroughly so that you can be well-prepared to take excellent care of any kitten.

I have studied every aspect of kitten care, from taking a kitten to the veterinarian, bathing a kitten, getting the right vaccinations for a kitten, neutering a kitten, purchasing the right equipment for a kitten, naming your kitten, maintaining a kitten’s litter box, and learning to read your kitten’s personality and show your kitten love.

I look forward to sharing my expertise in kitten care with you so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to adopting or fostering a kitten. Kitten care is my passion and I hope it will be yours too.