Kitten Should Stay Indoors

First and foremost, a kitten should NEVER be allowed to go outside unsupervised! Kittens are too young to know how to defend themselves and could easily wind up in dangerous situations. With that said….I used to think it was mean to leave a kitten or cat cooped up inside all day. Well, that was BEFORE I received my “kitten education!” While this is a subject of great debate, I, for one, think the dangers of the outside world are too great for a full-grown cat, much less a kitten! Of course, whether or not you choose to have an indoor or outdoor cat is a personal decision…one that you must take very seriously. If you are leaning towards the outside option, make sure your kitten is a full-grown cat before you open the door to freedom! Caring for a kitten is easy…don’t make it difficult (for you or him) by adding outside dangers to his life before he is ready.

Danger Around Every Corner!

Again, I must state that I am all for KEEPING YOUR CAT INDOORS! Why? Well, there are many reasons…..

Risk of Disease – Cats that are allowed to roam outdoors are at greater risk of exposure to harmful (some even fatal) diseases such as feline leukemia and rabies. Your cat could also come in contact with stray animals that are not vaccinated, therefore putting themselves in harm’s way.

Predators – So, you think that just because you don’t live in a rural area your cat will be safe from predators…WRONG! I live in the suburbs and on several occasions, I have seen a fox roaming through my neighborhood looking for food. Trust me, foxes find cats delicious! Dogs are also predators. Though not wild, a stray dog could do damage to your feline friend. Not only could he attack your cat, but he could also chase it into a tree or worse, into the street.

Poison – There are many different types of poison that your cat could come into contact with while outside.  Antifreeze and pesticides are both poisonous and could kill your cat if ingested. Also, believe it or not, there are people in the world that find animals to be a nuisance and have been known to set traps or intentionally kill wandering pets.

Animal Cruelty – Unfortunately, there are people in the world that torture animals. All you have to do is pick up a newspaper and you will find a story about a cat being set on fire or shot with a bb gun. In my opinion, this is reason enough to keep your cat indoors!

Weather – If you own a cat then you know that they don’t always come home when called. Cats like to wander and explore. They are curious animals that usually do as they please. Unfortunately, cats don’t watch the weather channel and don’t know when potentially dangerous weather is on the way. Freezing rain, high winds, and cold temperatures are all dangerous and can be a potential kitty death sentence.

Automobiles – Need I say more? I am always deeply saddened when I see a dead cat or dog on the side of the road. If only their owner had kept them inside! If you live on a busy road, you should not have to think twice about whether or not your cat will be an inside or outside pet. The choice is obvious…INSIDE ONLY! Even if you live in a community that is far from a major road, there is still a good chance that your cat could be hit by a car if left to roam the streets. Cats may run into the road because they are being chased by a dog…or maybe they are doing the chasing…either way, the chance that they will be hit by a motor vehicle is great. Even the best of drivers cannot always stop fast enough to avoid hitting an animal.

So there you have it, 6 good reasons to keep your cat inside! I must also point out that if your cat is declawed, he should absolutely not…ever…ever…ever….go outside! Declawed cats do not have the means to protect themselves if confronted by a predator. If you made the choice to declaw your cat…then you made the choice to have an indoor-only pet!

If you have a cat, send us a comment and let us know whether they are indoor or outdoor pets and why. We’d love to hear from you. Plus, you never know…what you have to say might just help someone struggling with this very important decision.